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Wednesday, September 16

It was a typical day for Paul and Barnabas. They went to the city of Iconium and went into the temple to share the good news of the Gospel. Their audience was both Jew and Gentile and some of both groups decided to follow Christ that day. However, there were some Jews that were not followers of Christ who teamed up with the Gentiles (keep in mind these were opposing groups) to stone Paul and Barnabas. Instead of being defeated and giving up they pressed forward and moved to the next town in order to share the gospel with its residents. What can the Christian learn from the example of Paul and Barnabas? Jesus is worth it. While sharing the good news of the gospel will almost certainly not end with a stoning, we are still frightened by much lesser tactics. Is the church weak? Or maybe even worse the church simply does not care about preaching the gospel. Preach the gospel, church.

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