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Daily Devotionals

In an effort to help encourage others during this Covid-19 Pandemic, the staff of Westfield Baptist Church will be leading a devotional on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. These devtionals will be sent using the phone tree system as well as updated on our website. You can subscribe to this blog and you will be updated each time a new devotional is posted. To subscribe, simply click on the button that says "Log-in/Sign up", then enter your email address and create a password. We hope that you are encouraged and uplifted during this time.

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Wednesday, September 16

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Wednesday, September 9

Sometimes life does not go the way that it is anticipated. It may feel like the world is closing in with all of the events and difficulties in it. The Psalmist writes in chapter 43 Vindicate me, God,

Wednesday, September 2

What is the church? The church consists of multiple aspects and dynamics. A summary of the church can be found in Acts 2:41-42. Luke writes and describes this church in this way: So those who accepted

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Westfield Baptist Church
Westfield Baptist Church
01 de abr. de 2020

Yes, Phil you are signed up! Thanks for joining! Thank you for the great feedback, Ruth! We appreciate it.


I received a test message in my email. I assume I'm now signed up ... Phil


Awesome! To be able to hear this at our convenience and be able to take time to take in the message.

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