• Westfield Baptist Church

Friday, July 17

Devotional by Tricia Lowe

There is no doubt that we are all feeling paint in our lives. But how do we handle that pain? What do we do when we are suffering? How do we keep our focus on God? Paul give us a 3 step solution in Romans 12:12. He says “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer.”

Does being joyful in our suffering sound normal? It’s not, but our joy come from the Lord. Our joy is the hope of redemption. When we keep that in mind during our suffering, we know that God’s plan is far better than what we can imagine. How do we handle the affliction? We have to be patient in it. We have to wait on the Lord’s timing. We aren’t promised it will be fast, but we are promised that God will always be with us. And lastly, we are called to be faithful in our prayers. When we are hurting, when our hearts are troubled, and even when life seems to be going well, we are commanded to pray. To communicate with God, let him know what is on our hearts and minds.




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