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Friday, July 31

Devotional by Tricia Lowe

This morning I wanted to share some thoughts from a Hymn. As I was preparing for Sunday morning, the lyrics to I am Thine O Lord really stuck out to me. In verse 3, it says "O the pure delight of a single hour that before thy throne I spend; When I kneel in prayer and with Thee my God, I commune as friend with friend!"

Did you catch that? A single hour sitting at the throne of God is pure delight. I know that when I sit and spend time with God, my days and my weeks are so much better. And here is the amazing part, God is our friend. We get to spend talking with our friend. I would encourage each of you to spend an hour with God this weekend. Pick up your Bible, read some, pray and ask God what he wants to teach you, what you can learn from him. You will find delight when you spend time with God.




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