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Wednesday, August 5

Devotional by Wes McGarry

Isaiah 8:12 In the world today it seems as if everything is a conspiracy theory. This is not a new phenomenon but much like most aspects of life, they are more prevalent because of the digital age. Go online and one can find a slew of conspiracy theories about co-vid, smart speakers, elections, and much more. In Isaiah 8:12 the people were dealing with their own conspiracy theory and this is what Isaiah says do not call everything a conspiracy that these people say is a conspiracy. Do not fear what they fear; do not be terrified. What is Isaiah’s point? God is more powerful than any conspiracy theory. Instead of worrying about what might possibly happen people should focus on the certainties of life. What are those certainties? Jesus Christ himself who Isaiah prophesied in chapter 7 and then again in chapter 9. Church, do not waste your time listening or spreading conspiracy theories. Instead, spend your time spreading the gospel message of Jesus Christ. 

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