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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Devotional by Wes McGarry

The book of Esther has all of the modern-day characteristics of a great story. Love, betrayal, plot twist and much more. However, the book of Esther is not to be read as a simple novel for entertainment. Instead, one can see the gospel on display through the entirety of the book. Esther and Mordecia were facing genocide of their people and there was nothing that they could do. Mankind is also facing the challenging issue of sin. Just as Esther could do very little for her people there is very little that we can do about our sin. Despite what seemed to be an inevitable outcome, Esther kept her faith and trust in the Lord to save her and her people. As sinners, people should also put their faith and trust in Christ and his gospel to save them. The story of Esther concludes on a triumphant note for her but more importantly for God. If sinners will put their faith and trust in Jesus’ work on the cross, they will also experience a triumphant conclusion to the story. God will be triumphant regardless of what you decide. The decision that you must make is whose side will you be on? 

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