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Wednesday, July 15

Devotional by Wes McGarry


  In 1st Samuel 12, Samuel is giving his farewell address to God’s people. The main thrust of what Samuel decides to discuss is not all the “good times” that they had. Instead, Samuel spends a considerable amount of time dealing with the sin of Israel. The people responded to Samuel pleaded that God would not send his judgment. Samuel replied back to the people saying that despite all of the sins they committed against God, they should still follow and worship him. He encourages them not to seek out other gods because they will not deliver the people like their God had done in the past. Samuel points out that God will never abandon his people. This promise is made true in the person of Christ. Because of the sacrifice of Christ people might abandon God, but God will not abandon the people. That is a promise the reigns true not only during Samuel’s time but today. So take comfort church, that because of the cross of Christ God will never abandon you. 

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