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Wednesday June 24, 2020

Devotional by Wes McGarry

How should the church deal with those they do not like? In the 109th Psalm David describes an enemy or possible enemies and what he would like to see happen to them. In verse 1 it can be seen that David is not seeking to avenge himself instead he is seeking the counsel of God and asking God to avenge him.  Through prayer, David expresses his feeling towards the entity. In the end, David ultimately admits that it is up to God to handle the situation in verse 26. It is easy to hold grudges and avenge ourselves. The church must come to the same conclusion that David did. That in the end, Christ will be the perfect judge and will make every aspect right. This is a Psalm that looks forward to Christ and the fact that one day He will judge and judge perfectly. Until then, the church must pray. The question is, will followers of Christ be guilty of trying to avenge themselves or will Christ find that they waited patiently on Him to judge?




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